Pathways to Green Schools

Things you should know about the various project types before you get started..

Do it Yourself: 
Recover 100% of Savings
Can integrate all viewpoints/aspects of facilities feedback or perspective
Can control based on allocated resources
Range of opportunities limited to in-house expertise
Will have to sift through suggestions and eliminate those which are unproductive


Hire a Professional:
School district can collaborate and make final decisions
Allows for benefits of custom in-house expertise without financial strain of packaging
Risk of unnecessary services provided, hard to discern without knowledge to assess properly
Balancing current operating costs and future expenditures


ESCo (Energy Savings Co.):
Package of services includes all financing
Savings are guaranteed by ESCo (conditions of contractual agreement must be maintained)
Longer term repayment schedules, whose costs are defrayed by shorter payback measures
Options are limited to what ESCo is comfortable with guaranteeing
Scope of services limited by existing partners offers