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No Homework Policy In High School: Is It a Good Idea?

There have been many ideas that have come about in the education world, and one of the more interesting ones to see entails not assigning homework in high school. This is an interesting concept that should be explored, but this is something that may also be risky. Let’s look at both the pros associated with getting rid of homework and the cons that will add up.


  • It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to complete all their homework tasks because of all the responsibilities they have. These include things relating to groups, jobs, and other classes.
  • It is often easy for students to forget about what they have learned in some homework tasks. They will forget about those points as new homework tasks come about.
  • Homework tasks from different subjects might blend together, thus making them harder to finish.
  • Sometimes homework makes it harder for kids to be active in their lives. Too much homework makes it easy for kids to stop getting outside and getting into various groups or activities where they can develop in.
  • Some kids might not have safe environments to complete their homework in. By eliminating homework, it becomes easier for kids to have access to after-school programs and other events that allow them to thrive and be themselves in safe places.
  • It is not all that easy for teachers to enforce students to complete their homework. This is especially the case for classes where students are unable to handle certain tasks.
  • It has also become increasingly easy for students to cheat on their homework assignments as the online world makes it easier for students to do various things or find information far too quickly. Eliminating homework might encourage kids to think about more productive ways for how they can handle the content they study.


  • Students need to show that they understand what they are learning. Homework assignments are needed to help those students show people what they are capable of doing. For those who are in trouble we advise you to visit “do my homework for me” services.
  • Homework is necessary to help students learn how to manage their time accordingly. With homework, it becomes easier for students to figure out what they can do to handle certain tasks while managing everything in their lives.
  • Instructors want to ensure that their students are paying attention. Sometimes students might attend classes, but they are not necessarily listening. Homework shows that a student is listening.
  • Students can also communicate with each other well when working on homework. Many tasks allow students to get in touch with each other to see what they can do to resolve certain questions.
  • Homework helps students to learn things in certain ways that might be useful to them. This includes helping students understand new strategies for learnig that they can use in future projects.

The overall point here is that it is tough to figure out for certain if homework should be outlawed in high school. The potential for good things to happen are out there, but the issues that come with a lack of homework may be a concern to see just as well.

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